Outsource secretarial services

Appointment Fixing

Appointment setting staff basically allows you to focus on core activities thus giving you the scope to generate more revenue and keeping you relaxed from the daily appointment scheduling task. Our staff will create, change and cancel meetings as well as appointments just like in-house receptionists. Moreover the appointment setting staff will help to manage your calendar and at the same time will avoid overlapping.

Follow ups

We can also handle other telephone-related tasks including follow-up and reminder calls for customers and clients. We can even schedule, track, and remind you of your own important dates and appointments!

Travel Research

Planning a trip, but aren't sure how to do it? A VA can provide detailed research and a breakdown of potential costs including flights and accommodations. If you have multiple destinations or departure dates in mind, costs can be broken down by location or season to help you make the right decisions for your business trip or vacation. Be informed that our VA will also take care of your ticket reservations.

Calendar Management

Web offers an immediate service that includes calendar tracking and an on time management of diary.

Email Management

Even if you receive hundreds of emails each day, chances are a number of them are routine - and if they're routine, that means a VA can respond to those emails using guidance you provide. Then all you'll need to do is respond to unusual or out of the ordinary emails. You can take it a step further and have your VA forward emails only you can handle to a separate account; that way you'll never see or need to deal with the hundreds of emails your VA can handle for you. If you feel like you type the same response - to different people - more than once, a VA can handle the task.