E commerce catalog management services

Catalog Management

If you are an eCommerce store owner and do not have the time or skills to manage your product database, then we can help you to populate, maintain and constantly update your product inventory with accurate product information. We have several years of experience in eCommerce product catalog management services. Our sound knowledge allows us to handle projects of any given volume and complexity, in a timely manner. We have the experience and efficiency needed to deliver quality results for your all of your catalog management needs.

Our catalog management services can help you convert your paper-based catalogs into digital formats based on the unique requirements of your business or customers. Our efforts are targeted towards making your customers understand, identify and relate to your product line. This in turn helps impel profits. To provide well-rounded and engaging product information to your customers, our catalog management team enriches product data with crucial attributes, appropriate categories, shipping policies, attractive photos, etc.

Velan provides unswerving support in maintaining your product catalog, adding or modifying information such as product prices, availability, product variants, product images and other relevant information. We're systematic in cases of discontinued products, and undertake information deletion as a periodic and orderly process.

Our eCommerce catalog management services include:

  • Catalog Processing
  • Catalog Building
  • Product Categorization
  • Catalog Conversion
  • Updating & Maintenance
  • Content Management
  • Description Writing

Image/Photo Editing

The product image is the first to draw the attention of a visitor to your eCommerce store. The quality of the product image invariably has a decisive impact on buying choices. Especially because shopping on the internet would mean your consumer can neither touch nor try the product in question.

Your product image speaks volumes about the quality of not just your product but your brand in general. No matter how expensive the equipment with which a product image has been shot and how skilled the photographer, a product image needs significant adjustments and corrections before it is of a publishable quality.

A few examples of compulsory editing processes:

  • Patches and blemishes are unacceptable on a product image and have to be removed.
  • Multicolored backgrounds have to be converted into monochrome to enhance the product appearance.
  • Before a product image is uploaded, we've got to ensure that all parts of it are uniformly lit.
  • The color and contrast need to be adjusted.
  • Often, product images have to be cropped so that all that is superfluous in the frame is removed and it is only the product which draws a customer's attention

We offer end-to-end product image editing services at a global level to our Clients across diverse industries. Our dedicated image retouching teams can boost the look of your product images before uploading on any online shopping website. A professional quality product image substantially increases the chances of getting your products sold quickly on any online selling platform.

As a part of our eCommerce product photo editing services, we offer:

  • Photo Enhancement
  • Photo Restoration
  • Image Masking
  • Photo Clipping Path
  • Photo Cutout
  • Background Removal
  • Photo Retouching
  • Photo Resizing
  • Image Colorization

Product Data Entry

Velan offers reliable and cost effective eCommerce product data entry services for a wide-reaching clientele of e-business retailers. We assist more than 50 online store owners on a regular basis for product uploading, updating and catalog management. What set us apart from a dozen others are uncompromising quality, productivity and tough-to-beat turnaround times. Our eCommerce data entry services do not stop at entering product information into your online store's back-end system. Our exhaustive service platter ensures robust support for image editing, order processing, live chat support, product data cleansing, product page optimization, and more. To meet your specific requirements, we offer tailored catalog data entry services.

We have more than ten years of experience in converting paper catalogs into web based catalogs. Our dedicated team of eCommerce product upload/data entry experts can populate your online store by researching on an assortment of sources including, but not limited to manufacturer site, supplier or distributor website, digitally shot images, PDF catalogs and paper brochures. The product data entry specialists at Velan, exhibit your product in a professional way so that your product attracts and engages the buyers on your online store. Our catalog processing professionals are adept in identifying product categories or sub-categories easily and precisely. They vigilantly classify your products into appropriate groups to give your buyers a user-friendly shopping experience.

Our professionals have expertise in handling diverse industry products such as clothing, footwear, sunglasses, bags, watches, school supplies, fancy lights, car/bike accessories, toys, cameras, and more. To populate your online store with products, we add items manually into your store's back-end and perform bulk uploads using the in-built import/export tools. Our team handles ALL leading online shopping cart platforms, marketplaces and shopping engines:

Product Data Management

Every successful online store is backed by unrelenting catalog management is required. The catalog management process includes many activities like competitor price monitoring, product data cleansing, product migration, product data classification, product standardization and product matching and de-duplication. If the quality and accuracy of product data would be excellent on your ecommerce store then it would definitely extend your customer database.

We provide affordable and reliable catalog management outsourcing services for eCommerce giants and eCommerce Startups alike. Our efficient and experienced team can impel your profits by improving the overall quality and content of your product pages. We keep your store up-to-date & provide your customers with important and useful information of products that they're considering to buy. Our eCommerce catalog management experts are competent in handling a diverse range of products from industries like sports goods, furniture, electronic items, apparel, cosmetics, toys, gifts, antique products, etc.

To improve the quality and conversion rate of your ecommerce store, our catalog management services include:

  • Data Classification
  • SKU Development
  • Taxonomy Development
  • Data Cleansing
  • Matching & De-duplication
  • Enrichment
  • Standardization
  • Normalization
  • Migration

Back-office Support

We offer reasonably priced, steadfast eCommerce back office support services for online businesses and eCommerce retailers. The strenuous day-to-day tasks of order processing, inventory management, managing customers' emails and inquiry calls is best left to our professional eCommerce back office support team.

We offer you customized solutions for everything right from store management & inventory support to phone and chat support. Our eCommerce back office support services are custom designed for your needs and not only ensure high conversion but are targeted towards an equally high retention rate. We put in every effort to make sure that a visitor does not leave your website discontented.

Our eCommerce back office support services include:

  • Order Processing
  • Price Monitoring